Who’s Silvano Hajid


Some said, I am conflict Journo, let make it straight, it’s just because the bosses gave me assignment to covering several dangerous places. Overall I didn’t find any dangerous situation along my journey. Since I worked as Journalist, I addicted to travel, to the places that you never imagine before. I do love photography, and someday I dreamed to be a great videography. I want to be the next Diego Bunuel, but, part of myself, I want to take the challenge to be a great business Juorno like Erwin Ramedhan, well it’s sounds like I give my curriculum vitae and desperately need you to hire me, LOL.

so who’s Silvano Hajid? 2008, I try to googled my name, and didn’t find any of it, I didn’t give any contribution to be someone indescribable. 2013, I googled and find it! part of my narcissistic yet self centered, I admitted first rather than you mocking me, or go ahead if you want to.

Well, I love to travel, and find another view from the journey, another values to respect the locals.

Bon Voyage!

contact me on twitter @silvanohajid, or email silvano.hajid@gmail.com
do not hesitate to ask anything 🙂


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