The art to be artsy

I do believe everybody has sense of art, wherever they live. You can imagine how arabic women wear their black hijab and burqa, it looks plain black, but look closer, when you see their eyeliner.

Bima’s batik pattern has wildly shocking color, but it’s look so original when local proud to wear it.

The torajas, collected bull’s skulls at their home. As art? Or symbol for wealthy? in my opinion, both are philosophy of toraja’s life.

East Indonesia, has different pattern of their remarkable batik each districts. Manggarai barat – flores, has their unique pattern fabrics, neon color with black background, why it has to be different, some says it has to be different as their identity.

We can find piece of art in any places. I bought elle decoration magazine and found that contemporary makes everything more comfortable. Human civilization proven. I found an idea from that magazine, luxurious coffee table, wait, how come coffee table has it attribute as luxurious? Well, I decided to create coffee table with used egg container, I didn’t spent much money, but it valuable beyond my imagination.

It’s all about how to look good, and how to feel good, art belongs to everybody who has limitless creativity, and it applied to everyone.


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