Jeans for me?

I’ve been searching for good jeans to fit in perfectly on my leg. Somehow I didn’t find a good one since I was high school, there’s comfort jeans I was wore, but it didn’t looked good when I saw my self at the mirror. Or it looked good but, it painful. I try to buy from ebay, to boutique, and im not satisfy with jeans I was wore.

Well, I ask my friend how do I look with some jeans… She said okay, it looks good. I think there’s something wrong, my eyes, or my leg.

I have slim leg, few people jeallous with my leg that looking good with slim fit jeans. My mom said my legs was from my grandma gene, and it doesnt sounds good.

But hey, shoes store at the mall, having leg’s test, by capturing our foot prints. The result is my leg also my foot, is health, and nothing wrong with it. 

So where’s the problem? Did i find it?

The problem is, I do thinking about what people say, the phrase “it’s look good”  By saying the word ‘looks’

Many times I bought misfit jeans, and it’s wasted. Expensive jeans doenst makes any legs looking good, so do the cheap one… I just want simplicity.

Well problem solved. I can stop looking how fit that jeans on my legs. But I cant stop searching good jeans for me


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