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Ambon manise

It’s my first journey to Ambon, this land is too beautiful to be distracted by some blood for the name of dignity.

It’s confusing me…policeman asked me here, what’s my opinion about this situation, not clash nor chaos…I answered, people talked it was decoy. Somehow I agree about that statement. It’s make sense that far-away-land from Jakarta, could be field for the great one in this period to makes another issue.

Well, I guess I’m too naive to pretend that I don’t know who’s behind this, I’m viewing.

Two large community in Ambon has strong defense for their area, that’s true. Local has understand that keep Ambon stay in peace is their agenda…they had own trauma few years a go….

Man, they’re human, they even breath like you did, why you using them as decoy…


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