Cerita Sagitarius

some cigarette and many cans of beer, Bintang on first list… ok this is the story

I never had some kind of relationship more than six months, why? boring, is in my blood that I can’t be alone, someone left me, ok I’ll search another one, and on and on…somehow it’s killing me.

First time at junior high school, also senior high school, even I confused set the date on prom, too many choices, so I decided to be alone…but on top note, I hate to be alone, so I keep finding someone, a girl with tattoo, a girlie girl, a musician, geek, models, women, tan girl, oh I had enough…

when I started, to decide serious relation, god randomly break my plan, it patterned, some judging me as player, and it’s hurt so much.

recently, I’m so fucked up with my life *err, my personal life, *err romance ones. I met someone, I break the rules of saggitarian, yeah I fall in love (maybe), she’s nice, she’s hot, but…boring, less than 2 months, I find another one…on the 3rd day we met, we make out on some mall’s parking lot, and it going to be fantastic when we try outdoor setting (sorry, it’s kinda weird for you to imagine). end up with: she left me, without any message! damn I didn’t realize that I just being fuck buddy! less than 1 week I can easily remove that memory from my head.

another day, I have 2 options, a girl that can break my heart many times, but I still love her (sure?) and new one, with complex personality…and I choose the new one, well it’s not going well, because she has boyfriend (a doctor) in her eyes, I just her ‘weekdays boy toy’ as a saggitarian who can’t be alone, I take the challenge, but not more than 1 month, she cheated, with another boy toy, so? I lefted…

Being alone again!

Now, some sweet and smart girl try to tease me, huh…I respond her dating challenge, but, after all, she left me earlier, without making any date…

But someone fill my head again! someone that I stalked from facebook until twitter and this is my 1st time stalking someone…

I don’t know, could I pass the “lonely boy back to be lonely” spell, or I create another spell?


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