Down Low

I don’t need anyone – club 8 *err maybe simply song du hast – rammstein would be pleasure…

I’m home, tired, and feel like loose my feet, I can’t barely feel my toe. I can’t singing with happy face, my face’s frozen, what happened to me? I’m pointing my self as a man, real mature man, who had been almost quarter years of his life. Now I feel like 12 years old boy, who had personality problem, everyone left me behind, even my family, I loose everything, it called my spirit was gone.
1. I try to work harder than anyone, I’m not that fuckin’ lazy jerk (and I love my job thought), but what I’ve got? nothing but humiliate my self as a newbie.
2. My works as a writer, priced only 400k
3. My family don’t know how I’m doin’ with my job, it’s fuckin’ tired!!! and didn’t want to notice it, how expensive my life in a family, but they can’t see

ok, it’s not a remedy moment, I don’t know how to share, how my life was good before, how simple I am, but…I just down low, don’t know what to do, I think I need a break for a while


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