It’s Very Free

Today is my first day in fasting month, there’s nothing special, I almost nothing do some work which related with some word called “Productivity”, hahahahaha, what I do now is sitting in nice sofa on the hot spot area, I’m fasting now, and free parking by the way, so today I spend nothing, beside maybe I would like to buy some new dvd movie on ITC, fuuuh I don’t know I just want to fill my day as productive as I want, so far…it usefull, waiting my book publish, soon…hmmm I don’t know, or, there’s many “‘or” things indicate that I can’t describe about tomorrow, as some phrase that I found in kungfu panda, Tomorrow is a mystery…no body knows…yes I learn that from stupid film, that film can teach us about value and norm. okay I had informed before from my cousin to download video from youtube using, and now I almost download many live video from tokyo police club, and some indie band from indonesia “gunver” as a note, that brit rock band is semifinalis from la indifest 2008, I also download their song from I also took several times to search about heroes season 3, yup again and again I found it from youtube. the point is…life is free, sure it’s very free today…


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